Friday, March 27, 2009

Times are tough all over.....

The economy is hurting families all over the country. Food Pantry's are bare and no end is in sight. This is how the people of Myra have been living for years. Currently the mines have been laying off employees, so add 500 families to Manna's roster.
Because of the economy - very few donations have come in to Manna for the Seed Project. The event is a week away and they will not have enough for the 1500 families that will be seeking seeds. Lois will do what she can to stretch the seeds. The Community Garden will be stretch to help the community this year. Please send seeds. This will help a child have food on the table.

The Society of St Andrew donated 100 bags of 50 lb seed potato's. This was a last minute donation and cost Lois 150.00 to pick up. For a nominal charge (to recoup the money it cost to pick up the potato's) many families will have potato's to last them thru the winter.

We are also starting a Turkey program. Lois will be accepting gifts of turkeys to breed and be able to give families a pair to raise turkeys on their own. Heritage Turkeys breed naturally and this will enable families to raise food for their Holiday dinners. Many hatcheries sell turkeys - McMurray, Meyer, Cackle. A gift of a Black Spanish, Royal Palm, Blue slate, Bourbon Red turkeys will help this community many times over.

PLEASE send seeds to:
Focus America Seed Project
PO Box 43
Myra, KY 41549

Help keep Focus America's programs going.

Thank you.

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