Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I received a note from Manna from Heaven with a phone number on it. I was able to talk with Lois and got an updates on the happenings there. Manna now serves over 1300 families! Lois felt that Manna was very blessed this year and Focus America was a big part of it. She states that her sewing group is doing very well and they have been busy making quilts, aprons, place mats and napkins and are working on clothes. They have been asked by a local unwed mothers home to make Layette sets so the ladies are learning to knit and crochet. A local nursing home has requested lap blankets for their residents. So the need in the community is great.

Lois had exciting news. When Shelly was in Kentucky in May she met the representative from Heifer International. Heifer International was so impressed with Shelly's program - Focus America Seed Project - that they sent 5000 packets of seeds to Manna. The only seeds that they did not receive is Beans, Tomato's, Watermelon, Peppers, and Corn. They have planned a Community Day in May to plant the community garden. They will serve refreshments, hand out seed packets, gloves and gardening tools. They will also be building chicken nesting boxes and baby chicks that Lois is incubating with the incubators that Focus America sent to them. If anyone can send seeds - the community will appreciate them. Again they need: Bean, watermelon, tomato, corn and pepper seeds. THEY ARE ALSO GOING TO TRY TO GROW RASPBERRY, BLUEBERRY AND STRAWBERIES. These seeds wold also be appreciated.

Focus America Seed Project
PO Box 43
Myra, KY 41549

They expect 900 families to receive seed packets.

Christmas was hectic and Manna served over 5100 children. They also receive 5 pallets of soup. 1300 families were able to take home 7 types of frozen soup in 5 pound bags.

Lois will be concentrating on incubating her chicks starting in February and will continue until October. Her goal is to supply all the families with chickens for eggs and for meat. Her hopes is that they will be able to raise their own and Manna will start working on Turkey for next year. Between the Seed project and the incubators Focus America has been very instrumental in helping the community learn how to feed themselves.

Happy New Year to all!!!