Friday, February 29, 2008

Sad News from Myra

Lois, the program administrator at Manna, brother died yesterday in a house fire. Lois is understandably distressed at this sudden death. Please keep her and the family in your prayers.

Manna from Heaven had 9 baby pigs born this month. The mom accidently killed all nine babies. It was quite a blow to the Mission.

A very generous donor donated 300 baby "Easter Egg" chicks to be handed out to the families. Unfortunately, only 51 lived. The Hatchery will be replacing all the chicks at the end of March.
Another donor also had 25 chicks delivered this month and they are doing fine. That donor has arranged for another 110 plus White Leghorns to be delivered over a 3 month period starting at the end of March. Apparently these chicks are great egg layers and Lois will keep the incubators busy starting late summer. This donor also arranged for 7 dozen fertile eggs to be delivered in March so that Lois can incubate and hand out at Community day. The donor also arranged for 15 White Turkeys to be delivered in May and 24 Turkey eggs for the incubators in April.
Currently Lois has 2 incubators going. One for 16 Turkey eggs and another for Phoenix Chicken eggs. This will be a good start for the program getting underway.

Lois has received another 1500 seed packets, eight hundred were tomato seeds from a very generous donor. More than a thousand families will take part in the community day. Corn, Beans, Watermelon, Pepper and Strawberry seeds are needed. As it stands now each family will receive 6 packets of seed, so many more are needed. 30 Senior families have signed up to have their gardens tilled and planted. St Lukes Church will bring volunteers to till and plant these gardens.

Another donor has donated 600 strawberry plants at the community day. The first 300 families will receive 2 plants. 100 plants were also donated to the Manna Community Garden. It is hoped that these plants will flourish and eventually all families will have access to seedlings next year. These are great to can or to make preserves or Jelly.

Please take the time to send a seed packet. It will really help a family to grow food and feed their families.

Manna from Heaven
PO Box 43
Myra, KY 41549

Thank you.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Exciting News from Myra, KY- Manna from Heaven

I want to share some exciting news from Manna from Heaven! They have 9 baby piglets! They were born earlier this week and all are healthy. They also have a new baby turkey. I had arranged for 3 Turkey eggs to be delivered and one of the eggs produced a little Royal Palm Turkey. The woman that I had bought the Turkey eggs from is sending 12 more to be delivered this weekend and is replacing the two that did not deliver. The incubators are being tested and so far so good!!!

Plans are underway for the Community Day on May 3rd. So far, 1000 families are expected to pick up seed packets. They have received donations of approximately another 1100 seed packets. They still need additional packets to distribute. Tomato, Beans, Peppers, Corn and Watermelon seeds are still being asked for. Any help would be very appreciated.

St Luke's Church has become involved with the Community Day. They will be holding a Cook-out/barbecue. They will be roasting a 300 lb pig and hamburger and hotdog's for 2000 people. The ladies of the Mission are making big pots of Chili, lemonade and Oatmeal cookies. This is a first for Manna and for the Community. Everyone is quite excited about it. I hear that their will be a clown and other entertainment!!! The ladies from the Sewing Group will have a table set up with all their wares.

Burpee has a sale going on and if you order online use code BA 53 and get 5.00/off!!

Please take a moment and remember to please send a few seed packets in:

Focus America Seed Project
C/O Manna from Heaven
PO Box 43
Myra, KY 41549

Lois will be using the incubators and is hoping to have 100 plus baby chicks to hand out.

Thanks to all.