Friday, March 31, 2006

03/31/06: Give a Fish vs. Teach to Fish

I had a wonderful phone conversation with Manna from Heaven today. It was a true epiphany. I was checking in regarding the Girl Scout Gold Award Doll Project from Hannah in CT. During the conversation, Lois from Manna from Heaven mentioned the Heifer Project. They want to receive livestock to raise their own food since it's so hard to buy. Over the holidays, we had some amazingly generous donors. I had mentioned to my husband that a $250 donation from one of our friends would feed a family for a year and he scoffed at me. "How is that possible?!" I was figuring that the donation would cover shipping for donated food for the entire year. Well, today I purchased over 200 chickens that are being delivered to Myra, KY next week. The families will raise half for food and half for eggs.

In addition, we are going to do a Seed Campaign in the hopes that people will ship out vegetable seeds to Manna from Heaven so that people can grow and can their own food. Lois was thrilled with this idea and we are going to start this new campaign immediately.

Anyone who wants to help should send any type of vegetable seeds to:

Focus America Project
c/o Manna from Heaven
PO Box 43
Myra, KY 41549

I love exciting days and, today, we truly fed a village! Or at least took the first steps to providing them the tools to feed themselves.

P.S. If you want to donate more chickens, please email me at $50 buys 100 fryer chickens and $150 sends 100 egg layers (plus shipping and vaccination which Focus America will cover).

Monday, March 27, 2006

03/27/06: Letter from Girl Scout Donor


My name is Hannah and I am earning my Girl Scout Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouts. I made 115 dolls for my gold award project. These dolls are named D.O.L.L. ( Design of Love and Laugther). They are child safe stuffed dolls made to make a child happier. These dolls are for a child who just lost there home or other disaster. I have donated these dolls to four organizations including Focus America.

My Gold Award committee suggested Focus America. I checked out the web site and instantly decided that this was a perfect organization to donated too. The other organizations I donated to are; The Salvation Army, Maines Children's Home for Little Wanderers, and the Red Cross.

Thank you for posting this on your web site. I have also attached some pictures. One of me on the phone with you and the other with the dolls I sent you.

Thank you,

Hannah G.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

03/11/06: Kentucky Shipment

I'm getting ready to ship out 50 lbs. of clothing and food to the family I adopted in KY. I have received some nice letters from the mother who is 23 with two children. Her husband is older and disabled. It's a great feeling to help the family by providing these little items. I wish I could do more and I really wish I had more help. As it stands right now, we've had wonderful help from people over the holidays. BASF was fantastic and donated a lot of gifts and some financial assistance for shippping. That is always greatly appreciated. Now that the holidays are a distant memory, I have have 10 families, only three of which have been adopted. I adopted one and the children from Assumption Catholic school picked up two others. I'm meeting with a church group tomorrow to talk to them. Perhaps they will pick up another family.

It's always interesting to me how so many people make promised to help but their own situations seem to get in the way of following through. I suppose it's so surreal to us to think of families in our country who cannot find work and cannot put food on the table. So, when we are faced with huge holiday bills or bills for vacations, we forget about the Americans who struggle with the things we take for granted...such as daily survival.