Saturday, January 17, 2009

Exciting programs coming up in Kentucky:

Exciting programs coming up in Kentucky:

Community Day: First week of April. They will hand out vegetable/fruit/herb seeds to well over 1200 + families to grow food for themselves to eat. We have already received over 11 thousand vegetable/fruit/herb seeds. 10 pounds of half-runner bean seeds for the Community Garden. We have also received 2 cases of garden gloves from Covington, KY. A donor sent 5000 plants markers, and over a 100 mini gift planters to the first 100 families to pick up their seeds. (Seeds are needed still. Ebay is a great source. Just search for vegetable seed lot. Other needs are paper plates, napkins, cups, country time lemonade mix, kool-aid, mustard, ketchup, relish etc for the refreshment stand. Gift certificates to Walmart for Hotdogs and rolls will be greatly appreciated.)

Make Myra Beautiful Day: This will be held in the middle of May. Manna has received a few thousand flower seeds. These will be given out to families who want to make their home/gardens nice and have cut flowers inside the home. (Need for Flower seed packs. Again Ebay is a great source. Just search Flower seed lot.)

Spring Fling: To be held after Easter. Spring/Summer clothes will be handed out to all the children.

Back to School Rally: Late July/August. School Supplies will be given out to almost 1500 children. (Need school supplies of all types.)

Watermelon Feast/Luau: August. A fun day for the community. (Need Lei's, plates and napkins.)

Holiday Party: Late December. Christmas for Children and Seniors. Will serve over 7000. (Need Toys, Holiday themed coloring books, crayons.)

Donations for all above programs are needed and appreciated. Because of the economy donations have stalled to almost nothing.

Please send to:

Focus America Project
PO Box 43
Myra, KY 41549

Manna from Heaven could also use a little help with funds for gas. They can pick up food in Covington, KY monthly. It cost them close to 200 dollars to pay for the gas and drives. Any assistance there would help feed them. One load keeps the food pantry solvent for a month.

Donations are tax-deductable. Give Lois your name and address for a tax deductable receipt.