Saturday, July 19, 2008

Focus America: Charity at Work - it's working!!

It is amazing what ONE packet of vegetable seeds can do. It provides a family with healthy food for their dinner table. This year I am so delighted that 1000 families are growing their own food to eat. Focus America - Shelly, is directly responsible for the whole program at Manna from Heaven in Kentucky. The other great thing is that they are bringing food back to Manna from Heaven so that Lois can give it out to the elderly and the sick. The Community Garden is also helping the ones that cannot grow their own gardens. Focus America has done a wonderful job in helping these people.

Lois has been busy incubating chickens and with donations of chicks she has given away over 800 chicks this year. The Poultry programs goals are: 1.) Raise chicks to have eggs to hand out on Food Pantry Day. 2.) Incubate eggs to hand out to the people to raise their own chicks for eggs and meat. Currently Lois has 100 families that are requesting baby chickens. It is our hope that next year we will be able to provide all the families on the waiting lists the baby chicks that they need. If anyone would like to donate chicks for this year. Here is a great deal: The chicks are 18 cents each and they can be raised for food for this winter. The address is:
Manna From Heaven
7269 Highway 610 West
Myra, Kentucky 41549
Attn: Lois Tackett
Just let Lois know that they are coming.

Also they are still collecting seed packets for next year. The goal is to give out seeds to 1200 families. That would be about 12 thousand seed packets - 10 to each family. Needed seeds: corn, bean, pea's, tomato, watermelon, cucumber, carrot, cantelope, lettuce, and pepper packets. This is the time of year when sale's are going on and a dollar will go a long way! Let's help keep this program going for years to come.

School starts soon in Kentucky. The Back to School Rally is less than two weeks away and supplies continue to be needed. Helping one child will ultimately help them to succeed during the school year.

Focus America continues to be a driving force to help these families learn to feed themselves. Giving them the proper tools to do this is Charity at it's best. Proper school supplies help's them to suceed now and in the future.

The slogan: Focus America: Charity at Work Because of all the generosity - IT IS WORKING!