Thursday, May 14, 2009


Because of recent flooding in Eastern Kentucky - Manna from Heaven needs your assitance. Floods have left hundreds homeless. Some schools are closed for the year. This puts kids at risk because they received breakfast and lunch at the school. Manna from Heaven's building was flooded, and they lost a lot of clothes for the Spring Fling.
Many gardens that were planted simply washed away. The Poultry program needs to start from scratch.
Lois had a truck come Monday from Mission of Hope with mattress's and furniture. It was gome in a few hours. Lois and Ralph bought a truckload of food. That was gone as soon as the truck pulled up. They need your help......
Urgent Needs:
Vegetable Seeds to replant gardens for food later on.
Baby chicks/Turkeys to raise for eggs and meat.
Cleaning supplies and paper towels
Hygiene supplies

A truckload of food cost around 600.00 dollars (truck rental, gas and driver.)
A truckload of clothes costs 500.00 dollars (truck rental, gas and driver.)

All donations are tax deductable.

Manna From Heaven
7269 Highway 610 West
Myra, Kentucky 41549
Attn: Lois Tackett

They do not have the resources that other areas have because of the remote locations.