Saturday, February 28, 2009

Community Day 2009

Community Day 2009 is a month away! Manna from Heaven Outreach patron's have increase three fold. School Resource Teachers are contacting Lois because they have students with no food.
The Focus America Seed Project is so important because it gives this community a chance to grow food for themselves. A simple gift of a vegetable seed packet will enable a family to grow food for their family. A gift of a freezer bag will give the family food in the winter months. A gift of a canning jar will give food for the winter months. PLEASE HELP over 1500 families that need vegetable seeds to feed their families.
Suggestions where to obtain seeds: EBAY - search Vegetable seed packets This company sells seeds for about 30 cents a pack. They have carrots, tomato, radish, carrots and lettuce. Perfect for a salad!

Please help.

Seed seeds to:
Focus America Seed Prohect
PO Box 43
Myra, KY 41549


Anonymous said...

Interesting article, good job

FAKERS said...

they wouldnt help my kids with food when I sked them they said they had so many other expences they couldnt afford it. So my kids went to school almost 2 years hungry,while i recovered from cancer. I am working again and I am feeding my kids this place is highly over rated...HIGHLY OVER RATED they help if they like you not if you need it