Friday, November 14, 2008

Heifer International Generous Donation for Manna from Heaven

Heifer International has sent Manna from Heaven a huge donation of seeds for the 2009 Community Day. Over 5000 packets of seeds were received this date. These seeds will help go a long way towards the goal of 10,000 packets. 10,000 packets will give a thousand families enough fruits and vegetables to last through late Summer, fall and winter. We are halfway towards our goal!!!

The seeds are being sorted - so we will know in the next few months what seeds may be needed. There was NO corn, strawberry,or Blueberry seeds in the lot.

Manna from Heaven is also handing out flower seeds this year. All those seeds will help beautify the area. Flower seeds would be greatly appreciated.

Community Day is planned for late April.

Shelley started this program a few years ago and it has really grown.

On another note: Manna from Heaven has received a donation of a 16 foot box truck. It needs new brakes. This donation will help them pick up the food that they desperately need. It will save them approximately 500.00 per truck rental. They will only need the funds for gas. Once the brakes are done - it will be put into service picking up load in Covington and Louisville.

Jennie also sent another box of goodies to Manna for Christmas. Remember Christmas is coming up and toys, books, and canned food is needed.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Update's from Myra

Manna from Heaven received 8 new additions in September! Momma Pig had eight little piglets - all boys - and they all were healthy and now are living with their new families. Last week-end, Manna was Blessed with 6 more and another Pig should deliver in the next two weeks.

Lois received the generous donation of school supplies and some toys from Jenny. It is so great that Manna has a new volunteer to help!

Lois received a shipment from Feed the Children. NO FOOD, but 10 thousand red purses and over 4000 pairs of jeans as well as a few thousand shirts. They were sized 18 m to size 6. Needless to say - these clothes were much appreciated and all the schools, day cares, Social Services and churches picked them up and passed them out. The Nursing Homes picked them up and will fill the Red Purses with shampoos and other needed items and will pass out to the women residents at Christmas.

Lois had such an abundance that she sent 12 boxes to the Navajo Child Drive. They were excited to receive the jeans, purses and shirts. I think that it is awesome that these two community organizations can help each other. Shipping was paid through a donation from another organization.

Lois still needs help with truck rentals and gas to pick up much needed food for the Pantry. Any idea's on fundraising is still being sought.

Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.