Sunday, December 02, 2007

I was heartened to read that Shelly received the wonderful gift from Manna from Heaven. I was talking to some friends and maybe Manna would take some orders for next Christmas. This would be a great way for the Mission to earn some money! I sent 490 yards of material, 25 yards of backing and 55 yards of batting to help with their sewing program. 55 yards of the material is Holiday themed.

I think that it is great that Focus America will assist more in their general community. It will be easier for Shelly to keep a handle on things and supervise.

I will continue to assist with the Manna from Heaven Seed Project. Shelly set up an excellent program and I will continue to support it.

Shelly sending the breadmakers to Myra is a brilliant idea and I have sent 10 bags of organic flour as well as some breadmakers mixes and 10 bags of sugar.

Hope all have a wonderful and safe Holiday!!