Thursday, August 07, 2008

Myra goes Back to School!!

School started this week in the Myra area. Last Friday was the 'Back to School Rally'. They had close to 800 families attending and gave away close to 1500 backpacks filled with school supplies. Unfortunately - close to 200 children were unable to get a bag. That was a big disappointment to some children. The 'Rally' was fun with games, hotdogs, drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, prize Bingo and a raffle for over a 100 food bags. It was a grand time for all the participants.

The Gardens are doing great and everyone has fresh veggies and some fruit to eat. Many are canning and freezing their crops for use later on. Since this year went so well, we are planning the "Community Day 2009" for the last week of April. Our goal is to give 1200 families at least 10 packets of seeds - up from 1000 families this year. We also will give out Strawberry Plants again this year. It is our hope that the families will be able to grow enough food to last them at least 6 months of the year. The Poultry Program is doing very well. We have over 100 families on the waiting list for baby chicks. Next "Community Day" we plan on giving out at least 10 baby chicks to each family on the list. We are concentrating on setting chickens- that will brood their eggs and make more chicks. Lois has over a 100 white Leghorns that she will incubate the eggs in the spring to give out. The leghorns will also provide fresh eggs for the Food pantry on Fridays.

The Food Pantry is bare, but with school back in session, the kids will be served breakfast and lunch. Manna from Heaven has been accepted at some Food Banks - but she must pick up the Food and gas for the trips is close to 200.00. Her sister went and picked up a load which kept the Food Bank solvent for a month. And ideas or help there would be appreciated.

This is sale time for seeds. Please send seeds to:
Focus America Seed Project
C/O Manna from Heaven
PO Box 43
Myra, KY 41549
10 packets of seeds will give a family food for the late summer, fall and winter months. Needed seeds: tomato, corn, beans, peppers, watermelon, pumpkin, strawberry.

Thanks so much for all that you do to keep Focus America's programs working. It is very appreciated.