Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Food Pantries are bare including Manna from Heaven

School is out for summer in the Virgie/Myra area of Kentucky which Manna from Heaven Services, and for kids there is little food. For us, it means finding summer camps for our kids, getting the kids to do their summer reading and vacations for most of us. For the 1300 plus families that the Manna from Heaven service, it means that the kids will go hungry. The children receive breakfast and lunch at school and in the summer they go without. Manna from Heaven's food pantry is empty. It is like that at Food Pantry's across the nation.

Recently Manna from Heaven was chosen by Feed the Children to receive food when they have it. Unfortunately, you have to have a refrigerated truck and the gas to go in it to go to Nashville, TN to pick it up. Manna doesn't have a truck and does not have the means to even pay for the gas.

The garden's may be flourishing, but the pantry is bare. Help is desperately needed.
Basic needs are rice, flour, sugar, corn meal, beans for soup, wheat/oat flakes for cereal. is a great source and sells in 50 lb bags for one low shipping price. 50 lb bags can assist 50 families.

Any assistance will help them. The economy and the gas prices has greatly hurt them also as well as the donations have dried up.

Have a safe summer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Myra's Vegetable Gardens are Flourishing!

The Community Garden at Manna from Heaven is doing great. The other 1000 gardens are also doing well. The rain has helped as well as the extremely warm weather and all is doing well. A donor is sending 300 chickens to Manna from Heaven the week of 6/29 to be handed out to over 50 people on the waiting list for chickens.

Sales have been plenty for Vegetable seeds in this area and I have been able to pick up 4000 seed packets for a very reasonable price. Seeds do well if stored correctly and Lois has an area to store them at Manna. Manna from Heaven goals is to give out enough seeds to 1200 families next year. So any help in that area would be great. Unsure if Heifer International will be assisting this year with seeds. Will post when I get that information.

I had planned to go visit Manna from Heaven and Myra last week-end. I found that it was cheaper to send all that I had via DHL to the Manna From Heaven 7269 Highway 610 West Myra, Kentucky 41549 address, then to go by car. I will plan it for another time.

Manna has a new email address:

School supplies are needed for their back to school rally 8/1 - a Friday, from 9 - 3. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks and have a good summer.