Thursday, April 09, 2009

Email from Manna from Heaven regarding Community Day 2009

Received an email from Manna from Heaven:

Manna from Heaven had their Community Day last Saturday. It was a very big sucess. We served over a 1000 families a lunch of chili, hotdogs, chips and drinks. Volunters made cupcakes and cookies. 1000 families received seeds, gardening gloves, t-shirts, sunblock, gardening plants posts/labels.

We want to personally thank everyone that helped us. Over a thousand families will help themselves by growing fresh fruits and vegetables to eat!!

Our sponsors:

Heifer International gave over 100 pounds of seeds.

Action Ministries donated gardening gloves 2000 pairs.. 1000 Hotdogs, 5 cases of t-shits, sunblock, paper towels and napkins.

Mission of Hope
- supplied all the drinks, chips and food (for the pantry - a wonderful surprise!) They sent us Pallets of drinks and chips!!

St Luke's - .hamburger meat, chili fixings, buns, and some drinks. (They also paid for a rental truck to pick up food for the food pantry.)

(from Louisville, Ky) - Fresh fruit and vegetables and meats for the pantry.

Focus America (New Jersey) thru their volunteers provided 8000 seed packets (flower and vegetable) and seed potato's.. One of their volunteers sent us a new Hotdog steamer to help cook the hotdogs. Flower/vegetable stakes. The original idea for Community Day came from the Focus America, founder Shelly Zimmerman, as well as the Poultry program. Thank you Shelley - it is because of you that we have so many families helping themselves by raising chicks and growing their own food.

Claudia - sent us vegetable seeds as well as 50 pounds of seed potato's.

Thank you and God Bless,

Lois and Ralph Tackett
Manna from Heaven

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